What They’re Saying About Trump and Hitler

The Republican and the Nazi

Is Donald Trump like Adolf Hitler? Here’s what others have to say:

“If Donald Trump becomes the next president of the U.S. it would be a complete disaster. I think he is acting like another Hitler by inciting racism.” – Eva Schloss

“I don’t think Trump is anything like Hitler. Hitler was a monster, while Trump is just a bigoted asshole.” – Kenneth I. Altman

“Donald Trump, a Republican candidate for Führer of the United Fascist States of America…” – Xeni Jardin

“It could become Weimar Germany if you have Mr. Trump here and people keep believing what he says.” – Margit Meissner

“We certainly have a more robust political system than 1930s Germany. But Trump’s racist rhetoric should be viewed in the repugnant tradition of Hitler.” – Art Caplan and Kelly McBride

“I don’t want to make any comparison to Hitler, but believe it or not his delivery and the way he conducts himself is very similar to Hitler’s way of doing things. He discredits everybody who disagrees with him. He’s insulting. He discriminates against everybody.” – Martin Weiss

“Trump is growing in popularity by feeding on the anger people feel in their lives. One could say this is like Hitler.” – Steven Rudin

“My wife, who is German, and I were in the grocery store last night and she picked up a copy of Time magazine that has Donald’s face on the cover. She held it up and put her finger under Donald’s nose and said, ‘Look who’s back!'” – Ron Wiseman

“When you see these mass rallies that Trump is able to attract, you really wonder: How are they buying into this message of hate. Thinking that Germany was somehow unique is wrong.” – Al Munzer

“Donald Trump said tonight he’d implement a database system tracking all Muslims in teh United States – including Americans of Muslim faith. All Muslims in the U.S. would be legally obligated to register “at different places” around the country, putting their personal tracking information into the database. When asked how his idea differed from what the Nazis required of Jews, Trump responded, four times, ‘You tell me.’ ” – Robert Reich