British Parliament Remembers WWII And Compares Trump To Hitler

UK Parliament Dennis Skinner

Today, the Parliament of the United Kingdom considered a measure that would ban Donald Trump from visiting the country. The move comes in response to an executive order imposed by Trump that has stranded 20,000 people in just the first few days of its implementation, and led to havoc in airports around the world. The executive order is a travel ban targeting Muslims, and is intended, according to Trump himself, to grant special government privileges to Christians. Such government preference for one religion over another is in violation of the U.S. Constitution, the highest law in the USA.

Dennis Skinner, a member of Parliament representing Bolsover, urged his colleagues to pass the ban against a visit by Trump. Remembering his own experiences during World War II, Skinner said, “Will the Foreign Secretary just for a moment try to recall, along with me, as I hid underneath the stairs when two fascist dictators, Mussolini and Hitler, were raining bombs on towns and cities in Britain. Now this Government are hand-in-hand with another fascist: Trump. And what I say to him: Do the decent thing and ban the visit. This man is not fit to walk in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela.”

Skinner’s colleague, Yvette Cooper, supported his comments, telling the House of Commons, “This order was signed on Holocaust Memorial Day. For the sake of history, for heaven’s sake have the guts to speak out!”

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