Playing Ball With Comparisons of Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler

Trump Muslim Ban

Adolf Hitler became infamous for targeting people according to their ethnicity and religious views, scapegoating them with irrational fears.

Many Americans are now accusing Donald Trump of using the same tactics, targeting Hispanics for their ethnicity and Muslims for their religion. These accusations have become heightened after an executive order from Donald Trump at the end of last week imposed a travel ban that was designed to target Muslims, while unconstitutionally granting special immigration privileges to Christians.

Among those responding has been Stan Van Gundy, coach of the Detroit Pistons basketball team. Commenting on the Muslim ban, Gundy said, “It’s just playing to people’s fears and prejudices and everything else, and we’re getting back to the days of putting the Japanese in relocation camps and Hitler registering the Jews. That’s where we’re headed, and it’s just fear-mongering and playing to a certain base of people that have some built-in prejudices that aren’t fair.”

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