Donald Trump On The Weimar Republic

trump swastikaIn 2005, Donald Trump co-wrote an article with Robert Kiyosaki about the troubles of the Weimar Republic. The title of the article was “Will History Repeat Itself?”

The conclusion Trump came to was this:

“History is repeating itself, only this time the problem is bigger.”

Trump’s definition of the problem, in this article, wasn’t the rise of Adolf Hitler. It was the economic policies of Weimar Germany.

In 2008, the United States did suffer an economic crisis, the Great Recession.

Trump warned, in his 2005 article, that the crisis would be caused by too many American workers feeling entitled to pension money from the systems that they had paid money into.

That wasn’t the cause of the Great Recession. The cause was unscrupulous Wall Street financial professionals who invested workers’ pension money in unscrupulous real estate schemes.

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