Do These Observations About Hitler And The Nazis Look Familiar?

“Purists could be astonished by his vulgar accent and grammatical mistakes. Political commentators could profess disappointment in his strings of emphasitic assertions, trivialities, boasts and lengthy passages of dogma in these speeches virtually empty of informative content… Even today critics are hard put to discover any message at all in these films.” – Pierre Aycoberry

Hitler “knew how to put into words what his listeners subconsciously wanted.” – Martin Boszat

“Under the impact of economic crisis a large section of the community which had never been fully integrated in the new postwar democratic order became totally alienated from the system. They had become disillusioned with their traditional political representatives.” – Jeremy Noakes and Geoffrey Pridham

“He not only showed his hearers that he understood their mood and their predicament and gave them an emotionally convincing explanation for their problems; he also conveyed to them his own willpower and determination to change things, to restore Germany to her former greatness…”

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