Trump and Hitler: A Responsible Consideration

Trump and Hitler A Reasonable ConsiderationIn early 2016, as Americans began to seriously grapple with the possibility that Donald Trump could become the Republican presidential nominee, author Horace Bloom released Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler: Making A Serious Comparison.

The book confronted a subject that had been politically taboo: How much could a present-day American politician be similar to Adolf Hitler, the infamous dictator of Nazi Germany? With the Trump campaign itself breaking all notions of the behavior expected of a presidential candidate, silence on the subject was no longer a serious option. Bloom went beyond the facile level of name calling to deal with the comparison of Hitler and Trump seriously, looking at both the similarities and differences between the two.

Now, in January of 2017, as Donald Trump is stepping out of Trump Tower and into the White House, Bloom is back with a second edition to this groundbreaking book – Trump and Hitler: A Reasonable Consideration. This edition contains much of the same cultural, historical, biographical, and political analysis that distinguished the first edition. The new edition revises some of this material, and adds up-to-date information from the general election and the turbulent transition months leading up to Inauguration Day.

The result is a nuanced portrait of the political moment we find ourselves in, acknowledging the importance of both similarities and differences between these fascinating personalities.

Avoiding both alarmist hyperbole and dismissive denial of the risks created by Trump’s disruptive approach to leadership, Bloom provides a reasonable framework Americans can use to plan their response as our nation faces the bewildering reality of the next four years.